Our Caledonia Center is located at 8270 Broadmoor Ave SE. The center is on the east side of the Broadmoor, just north of the intersection at 84th Street.

Features & Highlights


Classrooms are designed to provide sensory stimulation, which is vital to their learning process.

Low Ratios

Each classroom has low teacher to child ratios to ensure that each child has the opportunity to get the attention they need to grow most successfully.


At each age level, children are empowered to grow socially and emotionally from expressing their emotions vocally, to problem solving skills in conflict.


As small and large motor skills are developing, classrooms are tailored to support your child's physical growth.


As each child grows physically, they are also growing cognitively. Each classroom is equipped to foster the unique needs at each age.

Outdoor Classroom

Our unique natural playgrounds and outdoor classroom provide several physical and developmental benefits for each child.


At Milestones, our curriculum approach is based upon the Milestones philosophy and is designed to provide children with developmentally appropriate learning experiences throughout every day. Based upon principles of child development and upon the understanding that learning occurs throughout all portions of the daily routine, planned learning experiences take place both individually and in small groups.


Young Toddlers

Older Toddlers

Early Preschool


AM Preschool


Young 5s

School Age

Caledonia Center Staff

Fun and learning awaits at this locally owned and operated business. Our certified and degreed teachers serve as role models and encompass positive images of children, recognizing that they are capable of many things and encouraging them to reach their potential in a warm and nurturing environment.

  • Kelly Russell

    Owner/Manager of Milestones CDC

  • Kelly Mertes

    Executive Director of Academics and Assessment

  • Nicole Pratt

    Executive Director of Operations and Development

  • Jenny Abid

    Executive Director of Brand and Communication

  • Kari Denman


  • Tracy DeRuyter

    Caledonia Assistant Director

  • Jenni Rhodes

    Caledonia Assistant Director

  • Katie Hosington

    AM Preschool/Outdoor Education Specialist

  • Tara Dinges

    Young Fives Lead

  • Sanja Kelecija

    Older Toddler Lead

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